Letter of Verification and License Public Disclosure

Do you need a letter of verification sent to another state agency? You can now apply and pay for this service with a credit or debit card by logging on to your BreEZe account! After logging in, you will access the Verification Letter Application in the drop-down menu. Please be sure to include the address of the state agency where the verification should be sent.

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) also maintains a license public disclosure system, called DCA License Search which provides license information for all licenses, registrations, and permits issued by the California State Board of Optometry (CSBO), as well as other healthcare licensees. This information is primary source and includes current license status and if action has been taken against the license, such as a citation issued or imposed disciplinary action. If you have any questions about the information provided for a licensee, please contact the Board at (916) 575-7170 or via email.

If the verification of license available online via DCA License Search does not meet your needs, you may request a License Verification letter via your BreEZe account. These letters are sent to other agencies and/or State Boards verifying the status of a license. The License Verification letter includes the status of the license and whether any discipline and/or citation and fine has been levied by CSBO.

Note: CSBO encourages you to contact the agency or State Board requiring the license verification to inquire if they will self-verify your license status information through the online DCA License Search. This system is free to use.

If the agency or State Board requiring the license verification cannot self-verify through the online DCA License Search, you may request and pay for the License Verification letter online through your BreEZe account. The License Verification letter will be sent electronically and mailed to the destination requested. You will receive a confirmation of your request via your email. Allow up to two (2) weeks for processing.


Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable is the information posted on DCA License Search?

  • The information posted on the online DCA License Search is primary source information, updated in real time and is available 24/7.

What information does the Verification of Licensure include?

How do I Include another state agency verification form in my request?

  • You may attach it in your application on BreEZe.

How much is the fee?

  • The License Verification fee is $40.00 per letter destination. You may pay with debit/credit card using the BreEZe online service.

Can the license verification be sent back to me?

  • No. The License Verification will be sent to the address you provide on the License Verification request. Licensees can order duplicates licenses if they need to replace a lost or damaged copy.

How long will my request take to process?

  • Requests can take up to two (2) weeks to process.

Can I check the status of my request?

  • Licensees receive a confirmation of completion via email once the request has been processed. In our best efforts to keep processing times low, we ask that you anticipate the verification confirmation and will not be given a status update until the two (2) week window is passed.

Is there any way to expedite my request?

  • No. Requests are processed in the order of the date received.

Can I obtain a mail tracking number?

  • CSBO is not able to provide a tracking number.