New Law Changes - 2013

The following bills will become effective January 1, 2013. Below is a summary of each change; however you are encouraged to read each bill in its entirety at or contact the Board at 916-575-7170.

Assembly Bill 761 (Hernández) – CLIA Testing
This bill would allow doctors of optometry to perform certain diagnostic tests in office, rather than ordering them from a lab. Go to the Department of Public Health webpage for information on how to obtain a Clinical Laboratory Certificate for Waived testing.

Assembly Bill 1588 (Atkins) - Reservist Licensees: Fees and Continuing Education
This bill would require boards under the Department of Consumer Affairs, with certain exceptions, to waive the renewal fees, continuing education requirements, and other renewal requirements as determined by the Board, if any are applicable, of any licensee who is called to active duty as a member of the United States Armed Forces or the California National Guard if certain requirements are met. Practice is prohibited during this waiver, and renewal requirements will be required to reinstate the license upon the discharge from active duty.

Assembly Bill 1896 (Chesbro) – Tribal Health Programs: Health Practitioners
This bill conforms state law to a federal law that permits health practitioners who are employed by a tribal health programs to be exempt, if licensed in any state, from the licensing requirements of the state in which the tribal health program performs specified services.

Assembly Bill 1904 (Block) – Professions and Vocations, Military Spouses, Expedited Licensure
This bill requires boards under the Department of Consumer Affairs to expedite the licensure process for military spouses and domestic partners of military members on active duty in California.

Senate Bill 951 (Hernandez) & Assembly Bill 1453 (Monning) – Essential Health Benefits
These bills set the level of essential health benefits that will be offered by the California Health Benefit Exchange starting in 2014. This bill also follows the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Small Group HMO 30 plan for most services, except pediatric vision. Pediatric vision essential benefits will be based on the largest vision plan for federal workers. This bill does not have any impact on payment or contracting rules with providers.

Senate Bill 1215 (Emmerson) – Retired License Statuses and Temporary Practice Defined
This bill, sponsored by the Board, establishes a retired license status, and volunteer retired license status. This bill also defines temporary practice and clarifies when it is required to obtain a Statement of Licensure.