Registered Contact Lens Dispenser

The Optometry Board's Licensing Program protects the consumer through the proper registration of Contact Lens Dispensers (CLD). The comprehensive review of an application confirms that registrants have the requisite qualifications for registration.

Prior to filling out the application, please review California Business and Professions Code sections 2560-2564.6 as they pertain to a CLD.

Fees: The CLD application fee of $150 and an initial registration fee of $200. Personal check, cashier's check, or money orders are accepted for payment. Do no send cash. Please make check payable to California State Board of Optometry.

The contact lens registry examination developed by the National Contact Lens Examiners (NCLE) is specified in Business and Professions code section 2561 as the written examination for CLD. the comprehensive examination is administered twice a year (May and November). For information regarding the exam, you may contact the NCLE directly at 1-800-296-1379.

The Optometry Board does not have information regarding exams or study courses. Information may be available by contacting the Opticians Association of America at 1-800-443-8997 or the National Academy of Opticianry at 1-800-229-4828.

Renewals: CLD renewals are not currently available online. Please contact the Board's office at (916) 575-7170 to obtain a renewal notice. If your registration is more than 5 years delinquent (expired), you are not eligible for renewal - you will need to apply for a new registration.

Registered Contact Lens Dispenser Application

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